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8 Year Old Invents a Self-Cleaning HazMat Suit

December 16th, 2014 by Howard Skolnik

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For years, we’ve been promoting the career path of the Hazardous Materials Professional. HazMat is a global industry in which most participants are educated in a related, or totally unrelated field, but no one has a professional HazMat degree. As such, HazMat problems are often the result of chemists, physicists, lawyers, accountants and, yes, even architects, coming together to find solutions to unique, life threatening situations. A case in point is a recent interview with an 8-year-old boy in Mahwah, New Jersey that, with the help of his parents, invented a self-cleaning HazMat Suit to prevent the spread of Ebola. The invention was part of a National Museum of Education competition and won first place! The suit is made from pockets filled with a disinfecting solution. The pockets are inflated using a hand pump, forcing disinfectant out of small holes, killing the virus on the suit.

Check out the video interview with 8-year-old Mark Leschinsky and hear the story of his invention.

Also, if you are interested in taking the HazMat professional career concept to a local school or social gathering, you can view our own Hazmat Awareness presentation. This presentation is also available on DVD. Please email howard@skolnik.com to receive a free copy.

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