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A Brief Examination of Open Top Stainless Steel Drums

August 17th, 2020 by Natalie Mueller

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At Skolnik, we manufacture a whole range of configurations, linings and sizes of steel drums. Some days the options feel limitless. But, in terms of heads, there are just two types of drums: open head and tight head. 

An open head, also sometimes called an open top, stainless steel drum has a fully removable cover and is often favored in processing situations such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical or cosmetic processing. This is because the lid can be fully removed, granting full access to the interior of the drum, and, of course, because stainless steel is so durable and easy to sanitize between uses.

Open heads are best used for solids and viscous liquids. In addition to processing situations, they are often used for paint or even radioactive waste.

One of the most critical components of any drum closure is the cover gasket. Due to the size of an open top drums opening and thus the surface area of the materials at risk for exposure, it is especially crucial that operators take care when they are seating and sealing an open top stainless steel drum. We recommend always checking the gasket for irregularities first, then ensuring that it is properly seated into the cover groove. 

In almost any industry where contents are shipped or stored, drums are used. It is important to always make sure contents are being stored in the proper drum and that the drum is properly closed. Skolnik Industries is dedicated to providing exceptional quality and service, this includes insights on different drum configurations, certifications and instructions on proper closure practices. You can find more information on open head or open top stainless steel drums on our website.

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