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A Busy Month for Howard!

October 11th, 2011 by Howard Skolnik

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In this past month, I have made a number of presentations and appearances that I want to share with our customers and friends.

Skolnik recently completed the development and implementation of a documented Sustainability Plan. This plan addresses all aspects of the products we purchase, use in fabrication, sell and scrap. On September 9th,, 2011, I was invited by Mindful Metropolis Magazine to participate in a Green Seminar held at Moraine Valley Community College. As one of four Chicago-based panelists, I presented the basis for our Sustainability Plan, the process of development, the implementation, and the ongoing maintenance of the plan.

Great Western Containers of Canada established their support of Kids Cancer Care in Calgary, Canada and hosted their first annual golf outing/dinner fundraiser. Skolnik was a corporate sponsor and I had the good fortune to attend this worthwhile and touching event. Ms. Savannah Brown, a 12 year old cancer survivor was the key note speaker and told her story from initial diagnosis, to treatment, to participating in the Kids Cancer Care summer camp. Thank you GWC!

Labelmaster held their 6th Annual Dangerous Goods Instructors Symposium in Memphis, TN at the Peabody Hotel — “the one with the ducks.” On September 27th, 2011, the first night of the Symposium, 40 fortunate attendee’s were able to participate in the Night Time Hub Tour of FedEx. The Hub Tour is a highly coveted hazmat opportunity and I was excited to partake. From 10:30pm to 2:30am, we witnessed the arrival of a large percentage of the global fleet, about 170 planes, as they landed, were unloaded, their cargo uploaded, sorted and reloaded, then watched as the planes started departing. During the 4 hours, 7,800 employees transition more than 1.5 million packages every night. It was like a “tsunami of packages” that all pass through this incredibly complex, high speed, high energy hub. Thank you Fedex!

At Labelmaster’s DGIS VI, I presented a workshop on the Writing of Closure Instructions.
The workshop was designed to emphasize that the most important part of a dangerous goods package is the closing process. With Closure Instructions required, the instructions need to be written in a manner which conveys required tools, types of inspections, proper assembly and a finite closure point. Participants were first asked to write simple instructions for simple tasks (ie, how to tie shoe laces), and eventually they were given UN certified drums or boxes and asked to write a closure instruction. The exercise did highlight the nuances of good instruction writing and all who attended claimed that their communication skills were improved. I will be giving the Workshop again at the DGAC Annual Conference in Tampa on November 8th, 2011.

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  1. Labelmaster says:

    Howard, thank you for your participation in DGIS VI! The event was a huge success, mainly due to excellent presentations and workshops such as yours! Hope to see you again next year!

  2. Michael,
    It’s always fun to be a part of the Labelmaster’s DGIS family! Glad it was a success – it certainly was educational….and fun!
    Start planning VII!

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