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A Holiday Gift From Us That Will Result In More Hours Of Joy!

December 5th, 2006 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: Cool Stuff

Most of us have become conditioned to working our way down the ladder of multi-layered telephone answering systems. “Do you want A? Are you B? Would you like to C?” Getting matters handled can result in multiple selections and long periods on “Hold.” Now come the folks at www.gethuman.com who have created an extensive list of companies, and a procedure for cutting through the automated answering questions. Within moments of using their numbers, a caller can be talking to a live company representative. The website is free and it is run by volunteers. There are over one million active site users — all of whom demand high quality phone support from the companies that they use. To access the actual database, go to: http://www.gethuman.com/us/. For this Holiday, and thereafter, I hope this gift of “saved time” results in more hours of joy! Wishing you and your families Merry Christmas/Happy Kwanza/Happy Hanukkah!

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