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Are More Open Head Drums for Solids in our Future?

November 2nd, 2022 by Laura Denk

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In the news: A recent article in the Wall St. Journal details that manufacturers spurred by sustainability concerns are removing the water in shampoos and lotions and selling them as powders.

What they’re saying: Anyone who has strolled the hair- and skin-care aisles of their local drugstore knows there are a bewildering array of products. Despite the various brands and patent-protected formulas, one thing they all tend to have in common is the first ingredient: water.

Shampoos and shower gels contain up to 95% water. Lotions aren’t far behind with up to 90% water, and creams can have 60% to 80% water.

But the drugstore aisles may be starting to dry up. For reasons ranging from sustainability to skin sensitivity, an increasing number of entrepreneurs and some well-known manufacturers are now coming up with beauty and personal-care products that aren’t so waterlogged—or contain no water.

Nevertheless, these products will face “performance challenges.” Meaning that if the powders, bars, sheets, and concentrates don’t perform as well as, if not better than, traditional water-based products that consumers are using, then they are unlikely to make the switch.

Our thought bubble: As we see this trend move through the supply chain, are we likely to see OEMs make the same switch resulting in the use of more open-head drums for solids material and fewer drums for liquids? 

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