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Bio-Diesel Fueled in SKOLNIK Drums

December 14th, 2010 by Howard Skolnik

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In another action to participate in sustainability efforts, students from the Whitney Young Magnet High School, in Chicago, identified the SKOLNIK 30 and 55 gallon carbon steel drums as a critical component of their project competition. Known as the Whitney Young Biodiesel Team, the project goal was to take gallons and gallons of used cooking oil from various local restaurants, process this oil and then donate the biodiesel to farm co-ops or local bus companies. The Team also plans to build a second system and donate it to a school, 4-H club, or Future Farmers of America (FFA) club. The process of turning used cooking oil to biodiesel is a distillation process which begins with the collection of used cooking oil in an open head steel drum provided by SKOLNIK. It is preheated and “bubbled” in the preheating drum until it reaches about 104 degrees F, then the heated oil is pumped to a modified electric water heater that serves as the reactor vessel. Once clarified and filtered, the biodiesel is then charged in a manner that renders it usable as an alternate fuel supply. The Team was able to confirm the results of their efforts by testing the brew in a Go-Cart. As the photographs attest, the project was declared a success. On behalf of SKOLNIK, we wish to congratulate Jeane Emily DuBrose, Travis Hank, Anna Hernandez, Sabrina Kwan, Melissa Lin, Jake Morely, and teacher, Brian Sievers on a successful project that is another step towards global sustainability. See Pictures of the project here

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