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Check Gaskets Before Use

December 7th, 1999 by Andrew Castle

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By far, one of the most critical components to a proper drum seal is the gasket. Since the adoption of POPS, new gasket styles, materials and profiles have entered the market to increase drum integrity and performance. However, drum fillers must be aware that all gaskets need to be inspected prior to sealing or closing a drum. Whether it‘s the first time closed, or a repeated closure, check the gasket for any irregularities including, but not limited to: crumbling, cracking, slicing, tearing, is it properly seated into the cover groove or on top of the bead, is the bond to the metal intact, and does the gasket exhibit memory. In the event that a user should believe the gasket to be questionable, you can ask the original equipment manufacturer for a replacement gasket. It is important that replacement gasket be the same as the original gasket with which the drums was tested.

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