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Choose Your Container: 55 Gallon Tight Head Drum

September 25th, 2020 by Natalie Mueller

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At Skolnik, we provide our customers with a full range of extra strong, thick and heavy steel drums in a variety of sizes and configurations to serve different materials and industries. While the 55 gallon drum is our most popular size container, we offer so many different customization options that we couldn’t say exactly what configuration drum is the most popular across industries.

One of those configuration choices is the type of ‘head.’ There are two options here: tight head or open head.

A 55 gallon tight head drum is a 55 gallon drum with no removable lid. Both ends are seamed and you can only access the contents through the fittings — a tight fit. Tight head drums are also known as a closed head or 1A1 drum. The plug in the top of the container is 2” and ¾”.

A 55 gallon open head steel drum, on the other hand, is a 55 gallon drum with a fully seamed bottom, but a removable cover. 

In the case of a tight head drum, the head is an integral part of the drum construction — both ends are flanged and permanently sealed. Because of the limited access to the contents, tight head drums are often used for liquids, especially lower viscosity liquids. Skolnik’s stainless steel wine drums, for example, are tight head containers. And yes, they come in the 55gallon size.

Skolnik Industries manufactures both open and tight head steel drums in over 500 configurations, from 5 gallon to 110 gallon sizes and always to UN and DOT certification standards.

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2 Responses

  1. Dona Kuzara says:

    Do you sell 55 Gallon Tan Steel closed head, unlined, UN/1A1/Y1.8/300 Drums?
    I am looking for 4.

  2. Hello Dona, Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, we do offer that certification. Please email Jon Stein with your contact information, he is jon@skolnik.com.
    Hope this is helpful. All the best,
    Howard Skolnik

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