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Closure Verification Is Essential Prior To Every Shipment

November 6th, 2007 by Veronica Crouchelli

Filed under: HazMat, Safety

In our October 2007 edition of the SKOLNIKNEWS, we reinforced the need for hazmat shippers to follow a manufacturer‘s closure instructions prior to every shipment. Several readers responded and indicated that my word of warning was timely. Per 49CFR 178.2(c) closures should be checked for tightness prior to shipment. Without being checked, it is likely that the DOT will consider the drums to be in violation of the CFR, and the shipper will be fined. We have so many customers that want to prepare their packagings to be compliant that we try to alert them to all the nuances of the CFR requirement. Therefore, be certain to re-tighten all closures (plugs and rings) prior to shipment to confirm compliance with the manufacturer’s Closure Instruction. Failure to do so is considered non-compliant if discovered by a DOT inspector. Furthermore, during a DOT inspection, if a shipper does not demonstrate that they reconfirm the Closure Instruction process, they can be sited for non-compliance.

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