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Conventional vs. Seamless Steel Drums

July 5th, 2022 by Natalie Mueller

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Industrial containers come in all different shapes, sizes and configurations because they’re used for the storage and transportation of materials of all different compositions and demands. At Skolnik, we manufacture a range of steel containers to fit our customers’ ever evolving needs. One configuration of drums we offer is a seamless steel drum, a drum we proudly added to our roster in 2009 to support the growing need by our customers. So, what is a seamless drum and why did our customers need it?

In a conventional steel drum there is a small crevice where the body and head meet. It is created when the pieces are welded and seamed together. In a seamless drum this crevice does not exist. A seamless steel drum is a container with no seams or crevices, the interior walls are completely smooth. 

This is critical because in some cases and with certain contents, bacteria can grow in the crevice and lead to contamination. Because the seamless drum does not have this crevice, it is a favored container in the pharmaceutical or chemical industries where potential contamination is too great a risk.

All of our drums are built stronger and heavier than the industry standards demand and our seamless drums are especially suited for reusability due to the ease and ability to sanitize them. 

Conventional or seamless, Skolnik Industries has always produced safe and reliable containers for storage and transport. Our seamless steel drums are just another way we help to ensure our customers materials reach their destinations or uses safely and uncontaminated.

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