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Essential Oil Storage

September 21st, 2021 by Natalie Mueller

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Amidst the stress and cacophony of the last few years, it is no wonder that more and more people worldwide have begun to explore the benefits of essential oils. In many cultures, aromatherapy and essential oils have played a critical role in personal care for centuries. The more recent mainstream appeal may have something to do with more modern research catching up with their use. Regardless of how or why the essential oil industry continues to grow, one thing is certain: manufacturers need a way to safely and effectively store their material.

Essential oils are basically plant extracts, as such they need to be kept as fresh and pure as possible. Wouldn’t you know, we can help with that? You see, best practices for storing essential oils are very similar to the best practices for storing other personal care items and, believe it or not, wine.

That is, that, like wine, the best way to store essential oils is in a cool, dry place. Somewhere that temperature and potential contaminants in the air cannot taint the purity of the product. Furthermore, similar to wine, direct light is the enemy of essential oils. That’s why essential oils and wines are packaged in dark glass for consumers. It is recommended to keep oils away from direct sunlight, heat or other light.

These factors: the food-grade sealing, the moisture, temperature and light control, are all reasons why stainless steel is a powerful and popular container choice for wine fermentation and storage. And, as such, stainless steel is a powerful ally for essential oil storage as well.

At Skolnik, we manufacture stainless steel wine and liquor drums, food-grade stainless steel containers, and cosmetic and personal-care safe stainless steel containers. We’d love to help you with stainless steel drums for essential oil storage as well.

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