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Giving Thanks For A Safe Year

December 5th, 2000 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: Associations, DOT/UN

Tis‘ the season for acknowledging our blessings and expressing thanks to those who have helped us to reach another year. For years, I have brought incidents and ideas to your attention in order for us to further protect our loved ones from careless and unintentional dangerous goods accidents. And therefore, I want to express my thanks to some of the regulatory specialists, professional staff, associations and fellow business persons that have joined with me to highlight and inform the SKOLNIK customers and friends of methods to improve transport safety. To the US DOT, I thank Fritz Wybanga, Bob Richard, Ed Mazzullo, Del Billings, Jim O’Steen, Doug Smith, Kevin Boehne, and my local sounding board, Skipp Skeggs. From the UK, thank you to Martin Castle of PIRA and Peter Mackay of the Hazardous Cargo Bulletin. To Al Roberts, Vaughn Arthur and Michael Morrisette of the Hazardous Materials Advisory Council and Larry Bierlein of the Conference on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles. Thank you Chief‘s John Eversole and Gene Ryan of the Chicago Fire Department. From the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association, Paul Rankin provided a great foundation for discussing the effects of regulatory change on industry, and CL Pettit helped to secure the basis for many of the issues in question. And to Richard Rubin, Gerry Kefalinos, Haldis Fearn, Richard Rudy, Barry Wingard, Phil Dworsky, Robert Gurman and my colleagues at Skolnik. This is a broad array of knowledge and talent that have helped to make the SKOLNIK NEWS NETWORK a valuable tool in the hazardous materials community. Happy, Healthy Holidays and Thank You ALL!

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