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Golf Courses Need to Use Recycled Water

April 19th, 2022 by Howard Skolnik

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Though not a golfer myself, I know many customers and friends love the game and are aware that millions of individuals lack access to clean drinking water around the world. As various industries continue exploiting the natural resource, the global dehydration rate will rise. A significant portion of water misuse comes from the landscaping sector. The aesthetic demands from consumers push landscapers to use large quantities of water, developing plush, green lawns. Environmental changes also cause lawn care professionals to overuse water, depleting local supplies. Golf courses use excessive amounts of fresh water, and greenskeepers can source recycled water to increase their sustainability.

In warm, dry climates, one golf course can use a million gallons of water each day. Researchers predict the necessary golf course water usage will increase as the global evaporation rate rises. As greenhouse gases invade the atmosphere, and earth’s temperature increases, the global water cycle changes.

The overuse of freshwater sources further displaces local supplies, leaving residents, farmers and manufacturers with little water for vital processes. Greenskeepers can decrease resource exploitation by engaging in water reuse. Check out the full report here.

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