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Hazmat Packaging

August 15th, 2014 by Lisa Stojanovich

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When dealing with hazardous materials, safety is the top priority.  The first step to a safe transfer is a knowledgeable and well trained staff, this includes anyone who is filling, labeling or handling and loading the containers.  Hazardous material shippers are required to be able to determine if contents meet the definition of hazardous materials.

An understanding of the contents and all possible reactions is necessary in determining how to package; some materials may be stored in the same container while others could create toxic emissions.  The type and amount of hazardous material will also help determine which container will be work most efficiently.

There are many types of hazardous materials, and each brings a unique set of characteristics.  So it is also necessary to have an understanding of class, identification number, and proper warning labels for shipping.  Keeping employees up to date in training is imperative as is continuing safe and secure storage and transport.  In the case of an unfortunate incident, hazmat shippers must report to all appropriate agencies at the earliest practical moment.  Following procedures from the DOT and CDC is the best way to keep employees and equipment safe and free from damage.

Skolnik Industries offers a wide range of hazmat packaging intended for the storage of hazardous materials; sizes range from 5 to 110 gallons.  Applicable UN and DOT certifications are available on our Salvage Drums, which can be an effective secondary package for damaged drums or repackaging and disposal.

Because even with preventative measures, spills and damaged drums can still occur.  Proactive companies keep a supply of hazmat containers on hand to limit the extent of damage.  These drums are a key part of accident preparedness, and any company dealing with hazardous materials should be ready when the unexpected, and inevitable, occurs.


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