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Holiday Message

December 14th, 2015 by Howard Skolnik

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At this Holiday Season, I am reflecting back on the blessings of my life and offer a reading that has touched my soul. This year, my nephew, Dan Morris, a professional photographer in Seattle sent me this quote, and I want to share it with my customers, many of whom are also my “beautiful” friends.

Wishing you Healthy and Happy Holidays! —Howard

“I am a professional people looker-atter”

After spending the last 16 years taking pictures of people—people at weddings, people at conferences, people at work, people singing, people with their families, lovers, and babies—I have affirmed my philosophy about people. Everyone is beautiful. Most people have something (often many things) about them that is lovely. A smile or a certain energy. Beautiful eyes, adorable dimples, really great hair. Maybe it’s an evident sense of themselves or an effortless kindness. Those with a few more years under their belt might have an aura of accomplishment. I see people who decide to wear gigantic jewelry, a bright orange suit or a leopard print scarf wrapped around their neck 27 times and it just made me want to know them better. Sometimes beauty is about great cheekbones or amber eyes and red hair…but most of us don’t have those. To my eye, people are beautiful as they are—even when they haven’t won the genetics lottery.

As I write this I find myself asking—as maybe you are—if I am talking about inner beauty vs. outer beauty. Well, my philosophy comes from a profession of looking at people…so wherever it originates I have to call it outer beauty because it can be seen. I am a photographer, not a philosopher. But suffice it to say that I think that you are beautiful and so should you. Take my word for it, I’m a professional.

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