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Improve Your Sustainability with a Steel Drum Stove

November 9th, 2010 by Josh Ford

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We recently received an inquiry from a potential customer, Mr. Ernst Peischl, asking about the features of our 30 gallon carbon and stainless steel drums. The dimensional details were critical as he informed me that he was going to use the drum to retrofit the fireplace in his home with a more efficient Barrel Stove. Ultimately, he bought an unpainted version our CQ3010, 30 Gallon Closed Head Steel Drum which is constructed of 18 gauge (1.2mm) carbon steel. He worked on it over the weekend and this morning, I received pictures of the finished product. Turns out that Ernst is somewhat of a master craftsman and made a very impressive stove. His goal was to use wood more efficiently, which he now should be able to do. The black steel pipe with the homls in it will be used to force combustion air into the firebox area. Click here to see photo’s of Ernst’s Barrel Stove.

I was so impressed, I thought it would be a good opportunity to let our Newsletter readers see an inexpensive and effective way to lower heating costs and improve global sustainability. If you are interested in purchasing a Stove Kit, they are available from vogelzang.com, and from Maxi Container. The steel drum you can buy directly from Skolnik. If you should choose to make a Barrel Stove, eliminate the possibility of pressure building inside the drum by removing (unscrewing) all closure plugs before starting construction. After construction, before reinstalling the plugs, remove the rubber plug gaskets as they are likely to burn. Ernst — thank you for sharing your project with us, and for letting us share it with our readers.

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2 Responses

  1. Jensen Kvarnes says:

    I called to get a price quote on th cq3010 to build a barrel stove and was told that skolnik could not sell me one drum. Can you sell me one drum, or help me find one. The page about the stove is on your website,

  2. Dear Jensen,
    Thank you for writing. We are a B2B sales company. I did check with Customer Service and I learned that they referred you to one of our distributors that stocks the CQ3010. If you have any problem purchasing this drum, please contact me at howard@skolnik.com. Best of luck! Howard Skolnik

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