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November 14th, 2012 by Dean Ricker

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Over the past two years we have noticed an uptick in wine makers buying our stainless steel wine barrels for the production of Rosé. The data supports the trend that we have been seeing. The numbers are staggering. Since 2009, overall consumption of Rosé wines has increased 160 percent. After a long period of declining popularity, it seems that rosé wines are indeed enjoying an increase in attractiveness around the world, and of course the United States is no exception to this trend. Nowadays rosé wines are being produced with different levels of success in the most important wine regions. In places like the United Sates and some regions in France, rosé wines are even becoming serious contenders to white wines. Rosé wines are made from red grapes and their light color comes from contact with the grape skins while it is fermenting into wine. The sooner the wine is separated from the skin the less tannins it will have and the lighter its color will be. Rosé wines are always refreshing and light, and they lean more towards red than white wines in taste profile. In some cases, winemakers blend a small amount of red wine into white and create a rosé, which is really a tinted white wine and lacks the true taste profile of the original product. True rosé wines must obtain their color and ultimately their taste profile during maceration. Excellent rosé wines come from Provence and southern Cotes du Rhône in France, and Catalonia and Navarra in Spain. But, as usual in today’s world of wine, very good rose wines are now being produced, in Australia, Chile and the United States, among many other wine producing countries. Some of these wines are also produced in Skolnik stainless steel wine barrels.

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