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No Torque Wrench, No Compliance!

May 29th, 2018 by Howard Skolnik

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By now, most shippers of dangerous goods know that following Closure Instructions for UN certified packagings is a must in order to have a compliant package. Having a non-compliant package, one that is not closed in accordance with the Closure Instruction, can put the shipper at risk for sizeable fines from the US-DOT. One of the steps in the Closure Process of a Salvage Drum or any Open Head, Bolt Ring style steel drum, is to:

TIGHTEN THE BOLT — with a calibrated torque wrench while using downward pressure on the cover and hammering the outside of the ring with a non-sparking dead-blow mallet to further seat the ring. Continue tightening and hammering the ring until the torque stabilizes at 55 – 60 ft-lbs and does not decrease when further hammering on the ring circumference is performed. Ring ends must not touch. (Effective 25 September, 2006 and in accordance with CFR 178.2(c), we have revised this procedure to use torque as the most effective closure requirement.

With a specific torque range specified, the shipper must be able to confirm that the closure meets this requirement. Closure without a calibrated torque wrench would result in a non-compliant package (unless the shipper has an alternate means to confirm the torque). When DOT inspectors visit shipper facilities, they will ensure that packaging manufacturers, fillers and shippers comply with Performance Oriented Packaging requirements specific to each packaging manufacturer. To confirm the measured torque, DOT Inspectors will expect shippers to have a recently calibrated Torque Wrench, and calibration certification in use when closing drums prior to shipment.

If a shipper chooses not to use a Torque Wrench, a Level-Lock Closure Ring is an alternative closure option. The Lever-Lock Ring does not require a Torque Wrench for a compliant closure.

Click here to see the written and video instructions of the Skolnik Closure Instructions for the Bolt and Lever-Lock Rings.

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2 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Dear Supplier,

    Greetings from Amsted Rail please would you be able to provide availability and price quotation for the part numbers and item enumerated below:

    Hydraulic Torque Wrench 1-½” Square Drive 6150 ft. lbs.
    Qty………..5 Units

    We are looking to set up an account based on Net 30 term with your company.

    The Amsted Rail Inc, is required to have a W-9 (modified) on file for every company with which it does business.

    Please include a completed W-9.

    Awaiting your earliest response.
    Thank you,
    Michael Lang
    Purchasing Manager
    Amsted Rail.
    311 S. Wacker Drive,Suite 5300
    Chicago, IL 60606

  2. Hello Michael,
    Thank you for your inquiry. One of our sales tech’s will be contacting you shortly.
    Stay healthy!
    Thank you,
    Howard Skolnik

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