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Packing and Shipping Regulations: The UN Rated Steel Drum

January 30th, 2020 by Natalie Mueller

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Trust in and follow regulations to ensure your packages are properly contained. Using the wrong container to transport or store goods, especially dangerous goods, puts your facility, community and employees at risk. It also puts you at risk of a fine. 

There’s a number of regulatory bodies in the packaging and transportation industry. With countless manufacturers and transportation companies across the globe building and utilizing industrial containers everyday, it’s unsurprising that one of those governing bodies is the United Nations.

At Skolnik, we manufacture UN rated steel drum containers. That means these containers have been built, tested and certified to contain liquid or solid dangerous materials. Only packages that are certified to have passed the UN packaging standard tests may be used to transport dangerous goods.

The UN performance standards are internationally recognized and each is marked with a code that indicates the physical nature of the product for which they are suited (solid, liquid, dangerous goods group, etc). 

UN drums are tested against drop, stack, leak and pressure standards and there are three different dangerous goods packaging groups.

Skolnik not only rigorously tests our drums to ensure they meet UN specifications, but we also build our UN steel drums to surpass many of the requirements. Our drums are built stronger than is required.

We do our due diligence to ensure our packages are UN rated and certified, but it is the shipper who is responsible for selecting and filling packages appropriately. It is also the shipper’s responsibility to mark packages correctly. Shipping container packers should check that packages are properly marked and, if they are not, should not transport them. But the liability falls on the shipper.

Do you know what UN rating your materials need? Skolnik can help you understand the UN ratings and guide you to the packaging suited for your use. What’s more, Skolnik UN drums are built stronger and thicker than the industry standards require.

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