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PHMSA Announces Solicits Concepts for Improving Safety

July 27th, 2021 by Howard Skolnik

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The Office of Hazardous Materials Safety (OHMS) in the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials (HM) Safety Administration (PHMSA), a U.S. Department of Transportation agency, solicits concepts which could eventually lead to contract awards. PHMSA is looking for innovative ideas for leading-edge research and innovative techniques to advance the safe transportation of hazardous materials (HM). This BAA is published in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) 35.016 and 6.102(d)(2).

OHMS carries out a national safety program to protect against the risks to life and property inherent in the transportation of HM in commerce by all transportation modes. To minimize the threats posed by HM transportation, OHMS develops regulations and standards for the classifying, handling, and packaging of over 1 million daily shipments of HM within the United States. The OHMS’ Research and Development program directs basic and applied research for the purpose of minimizing risks associated with the transportation of HM.

This BAA is soliciting a variety of basic and applied research projects that will improve the safety of HM in commerce. OHMS is interested in the following five areas as research priorities:

  1. Hazard Comparison of Aerosols
  2. De Minimis Quantities of Explosives
  3. Development of New Standards for Bulk and Non-Bulk Packaging
  4. Understanding the Hazards Posed by Dissolved Gases in Liquids
  5. Deregulation of Certain Types and Quantities of Hazardous Materials

The Government intends to make multiple awards from this BAA. Awards may be of any dollar value between $250,000 and $2,000,000. It is anticipated that Fixed Price contracts will be awarded to successful Proposers.

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