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Skolnik Closure Instructions Get a Clean Up

December 9th, 2009 by Matthew Dick

Filed under: DOT/UN, Safety

Effective November 13th, 2009, we updated our Closing Instructions from Revision B to Revision C. There were no major changes, everything was clerical and does not affect the actual closing of the product (as stated in Important Notes 1). The following is a list of changes / corrections: 1) making all Closure Instruction formats (printed and web) identical; 2) printing to a landscape format so that the weather resistant closing instructions are identical; 3) one version of Rev. B was called QAP / PQ 080 another was QEP / PQ 080. QAP and QEP have been removed; 4) one version of Rev. B had the word “CAUTION” another had “IMPORTANT” in a box that was located to the right of the table for the fitting torques. This box has now been removed and the information within it has been placed into important note #2; 5) one version of Rev. B said “Ring ends must not touch” another had “Max. Gap” in figure #6. Rev. C now has the correct verbiage of “Ring ends must not touch”; and 6) The formatting of Figure #7 and #8 was not identical in all versions of Rev. B. All of the refinements noted in Rev. C are valid to close all product manufactured under Rev. B. Once again, the revisions are clerical and do not affect the closing of the product. Also, Rev. C is available in English and Spanish. It is critical that you retain Closure Instructions that were in effect when a product was purchased.

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