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Steel Drums are More Than They Appear

March 16th, 2022 by Natalie Mueller

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Industrial steel drums look like a simple form, a single component with no moving parts, but steel drums are more complicated than they look. There are many moving parts of the drum manufacturing process and multiple components to the final drums themselves, each one critical to the durability and success of the container.

Every part of the manufacturing process is done to very exacting specifications. The core of a steel drum is made from cutting and rolling steel. But there are numerous other components including the heads, rings, gaskets, bolts, nuts and plugs, each of which undergoes performance tests in accordance with requirements from the DOT, UN and other governing bodies.

Furthermore, the manufacturing process is very hands-on. Skolnik’s team is with the components at every stage of the process, helping manipulate the steel and manufacture the drums and ensuring it meets not only the exacting standards of regulatory bodies, but our own exacting standards. The components must be stamped, washed, painted, and marked/labeled per requirements.

With all of these exacting elements being incorporated into a drum type that must meet a test standard, users cannot alter or exchange any components on a UN certified drum, as it will impact the ability for the drum to perform as tested and certified.

Much like the Skolnik team, Skolnik steel drums are the sum of their parts.

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