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Steel Open Head Drums

February 25th, 2021 by Natalie Mueller

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Due to their durability and versatility, steel drums are among the most popular packaging solutions on the market. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, such as a stainless or carbon steel open head drum or tight head drum, and more, awareness about the advantages of steel drums only grows. 

According to a study by Data Bridge Market Research, the steel drum market is expected to reach 12.47 billion by 2027 growing at a growth rate of 5.51% during that forecast period. Every day the demand for cost efficient packaging grows and, alongside it, an increased usage of steel drums in bulk packaging as a solution that is both economical and ecologically friendly.

Just as the steel drum is popular among packaging solutions, the steel open head drum is popular within the steel drum category.

There are numerous configurations of an industrial container. An open head container, also called a 1A2 drum, has a fully removable cover secured with a lever lock or bolt ring closure. They’re popular due to the ease of access that an open head closure provides. Open head drums are most popular in situations where users need access to their contents — either for frequent addition or extraction. Skolnik’s lever lock closure steel open head drums are UN rated for solids and liquids, often being used for thicker liquids such as syrups, oils, glues, etc. 

On the subject of ‘popular packaging,’ the most popular size of a steel drum, open head or otherwise, is the classic 55 gallon steel drum. However, at Skolnik, we manufacture our open head and tight head drums in over 500 configurations, always to UN and DOT certification standards. So whether you need a 5 gallon steel open head drum or a 110 gallon steel open head drum, whether your contents require stainless or carbon steel or perhaps a special lining, Skolnik can help you secure the most appropriate and compliant container for your use.

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