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Take A Holiday From Our Obsession With Thin

November 8th, 2005 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: Safety

With Thanksgiving only 2 weeks away, I know that this is one day when I won’t have to suffer the consequence of thinness. Faced with product issues relating to thinning steel and thinning plastic – we spend our year looking for options that will slenderize our “thickness”. Diets promote the benefits of living a thinner life but, like drums, too thin can cause bodily harm. Steel drums of thinner steel yield material handling issues that effect our public safety and thin walled plastic litre bottles of soda forever fall out of my hands causing a cola mess! “ THIN – THIN – THIN – ENOUGH!!” For this Thanksgiving, I hope that all our Newsletter readers will take a vacation from “thin” and enjoy a hearty meal with family and friends. Let your waistband thicken for just a few days and celebrate the bounty of America. Happy Thanksgiving!

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