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Take Time To Be Sure You Are Safe From Carbon Monoxide Fumes

December 10th, 2002 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: Safety

Tis‘ the season when we all turn on our furnaces, close up the windows and seek warmth from within. However, each year, it is critical to check out the exhaust performance of your furnace flues and chimneys. Carbon Monoxide, a dangerous silent killer, is prevalent in many of our homes and can be responsible for affecting or taking the lives of our loved ones. Whether in a single family home or an apartment/condo, check to see that you have a Carbon Monoxide Detector (they are about $20.00), that the battery is operational, and have your furnace and flue cleaned out annually….even if you do not have a fireplace! Please make this, and many more, a Happy Holiday Season!

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