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The Many Uses of Stainless Steel Process Containers

November 16th, 2020 by Natalie Mueller

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At Skolnik we manufacture industrial, stainless steel containers in a variety of configurations for a variety of industries and uses. The durability and sterility of stainless steel make it a particularly versatile material in sensitive environments such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage handling. These containers are stainless steel process containers.

Stainless steel process containers are favored in the pharmaceutical and food industries for their durability, anti-corrosion and ease to thoroughly sanitize. 

In the food industry, stainless steel and even seamless, crevice-free process containers are available to meet stringent hygiene requirements. Furthermore, Skolnik proudly offers kosher food grade process drums. Food grade process drums prevent contamination during food processing and storing.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the most popular stainless steel for process drums are grade 304, 306 and 306L. These drums have the highest resistance to chemical corrosion and oxidization. Type 316 is incredibly heat tolerant and therefore can withstand high-temperature sanitization practices. 

Beyond food and pharmaceuticals, stainless steel process drums are increasingly popular in the hemp and cannabis industries for the processing, storing and transporting of CBD and hemp oils. 

Like all of our drums, our process drums are strong, heavy and, in many cases, reusable due to their ability to be safely sanitized. And, for materials that react negatively with steel, a selection of steel drum linings can help ensure chemicals and consumables remain safely contained and uncontaminated while still offering the durability of a steel container.

Our seamless stainless steel process drums and drum linings are just a few of the solutions Skolnik provides to support the safety of our customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food-processing industries.

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