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This Calls for an Overpack Drum

December 27th, 2018 by Natalie Mueller

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Safety is paramount. We know that reviewing shipping regulations can be daunting, but, at the end of the day, those regulations are all in place to help protect your materials, facilities, team and the environment. Even the best laid plans can take a sudden turn, and that’s why the UN and DOT requires a few fail-safes to be in place. When you need to transport a potentially non-compliant container or something you fear may rupture or be damaged during transport, an overpack drum is an excellent (and often required) fail-safe.

At its simplest, an overpack container is a container used to provide added protection or convenience in handling a package or to consolidate two or more package.

According to UN criteria and standards, overpack drums are certified as secure outer packaging. They are a container for your containers. Like a Russian nesting doll. They are tested for solids only and should not be used to hold a leaking package.

Many shippers choose to use an overpack drum as a multi-pack, because it is easier for their team to move or manage one large container instead of many smaller or maybe oddly shaped packages. Others choose to use an overpack drum as an extra safety measure for solid materials they want to be extra sure aren’t damaged in transit.

No matter your motive for using an overpack, whether it is for compliance or convenience, Skolnik can help. Our overpack drums come in a variety of capacities and meet or exceed domestic and international regulations.

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