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Understanding A ‘tight’ Plug And Bolt

October 10th, 2000 by Howard Skolnik

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Tightness in an assembly is predicated on the fact that materials have a tendency to return to their original thickness or length when they are compressed or stretched. A screw-head functions as one side of a clamp and a nut as the other side. Application of torque stretches the screw between the head and the threads that compress the clamped components. Having created conflict within the screw, the inherent tendency will be to return to its shorter length. These pressures maximize frictional resistance and create tightness. Loosening tendencies can be attributed to material yielding, expansion and contraction, shock and vibration. While shock absorbers such as gaskets and washers do prevent or reduce loosening, it is imperative that torque tightness be verified whenever storage or transit conditions might result in loosening.

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