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We’re on the right track to a 30’ drop!

November 9th, 2010 by Howard Skolnik

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The 2010 introduction of our Seamless Stainless line of Nitric and Processing drums resulted in these drums successfully passing their UN Liquids tests as high as 1A1/X2.0/600. Seamed drums are constructed by “seaming,” or rolling together, the body with the top and bottom heads. However, with the “Seamless” style of construction, the body, top, and bottom heads are joined by welding a bowl-like form to the center body. The resulting drum does, in fact, have a vertical body seam and a top and bottom horizontal seam, but all the welds are “butt-welded” and yield an utterly smooth, crevice-free interior surface.

With the goal of having this drum certified for Type A Liquids, 49CFR 173.466, this certification includes a 30′ (9 meter) drop test. Last month, we prepared a “mock test” to see if we were on the right design path. The plan was to drop the drum from a crane, 30′ onto a steel plate. As a result of a release complication, the drum’s first drop was successful, but unrecorded. However, we made a 2nd drop of the same drum, in the same orientation, and you can view the video of this 2nd drop. Amazingly, after 2 30′ drops, the drum successfully held its water contents. We will continue to test this drum towards a certified Type A Liquids rating, and welcome readers to contact us if there is a specific use or test for which you might want this drum to qualify.

Watch the video.

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2 Responses

  1. Larry Laude says:

    We will be very interested in a drum rated for Type A quantities of radioactive liquids. We would, however, always be using inner containers, even if not required for certification.

    Larry Laude, Advisory Engineer
    Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Shipping
    Bettis Laboratory
    West Mifflin PA
    412.476.5124 (office)
    412.476.7512 (fax)
    412.651.8259 (cell)
    Lawrence.Laude@unnpp.gov (Internet / BlackBerry)

  2. Thank you for the comment. We’ll follow-up and contact you tomorrow to discuss the specific application.

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