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"we Don‘t Handle Any Hazardous Materials… Do We??"

November 7th, 2000 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: DOT/UN, HazMat

This is a common question asked by many companies and transporters that possess raw materials often containing quantities of dangerous goods. In some cases these are materials that need to be packaged and shipped as Hazardous Materials, and in other cases, the materials are being incorrectly shipped as a Hazardous Material. In either case, the expense for making this error can be a costly fine levied by the US Department of Transportation or one of its‘ affiliate agencies. During the 6 month period of April to August 2000, fines totaling more then $175,000.00 USD were collected by the DOT from a courier, 2 food flavoring companies, 4 janitorial cleaning compound companies, 3 chemical distributors, a packaging distributor, 5 explosive manufacturers and 5 hospitals. And what they all had in common was that they were not properly schooled in the identification, transport and/or disposal of their hazardous materials. While the DOT does offer a hotline for hazardous material issues, one can contact their raw material suppliers or transport companies to inquire about the proper hazardous materials transport. Also, Virtual Compliance (VCOM) is an internet service that provides hazardous materials compliance information at www.vcompro.com.

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