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What is a Drum Head?

August 10th, 2022 by Natalie Mueller

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There are numerous configurations of an industrial container. One decision a customer will need to make when determining what container is appropriate for their use is what type of head they require.

The head of a drum refers to its cover, or how the contents can be accessed, and there are two types of drum heads: open head or tight head.

An open head container has a fully removable cover. If, for example, you’ve seen a drum in a movie being used for a trash can fire in an alley way or something – this is an open head drum. The cover is fully removable leaving the top of the container completely open. There are different types of closures for this open head, lever lock or bolt ring, but once opened an open head container is essentially a large jar without a lid.

On a tight head drum, access to the contents is more limited. The head is an integral part of the durm construction, flanged and permanently sealed onto the body of the drum. Bringing it back to a cinematic portrayal – if a drum tumbles out of a truck in a car chase scene, lands on its side and liquid leaks from a sort of spigot-sized hole on the top of the drum…that is a tight head drum. 

Because of the limited access to the contents, tight head drums are often used for lower-viscosity liquids, whereas open head drums are used in situations where regular access to the contents is needed for frequent addition or extraction.

At Skolnik, we manufacture our open and tight head drums in over 500 configurations.

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