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When To Use A Salvage Drum

December 7th, 1999 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: DOT/UN, HazMat, Salvage Drum

According to the US-DOT (CFR 173.3) and the Recommendations of the United Nations, Salvage Drums are to be used to prevent and temporarily contain damaged, defective or leaking packages from causing a dangerous goods incident. To date, Salvage Drums are seen throughout the world as a simple and cost effective means to deal with these interrupted shipments. Examples where a Salvage Drum can be used are if a transport company finds a leaking container in its facility or a manufacturing plant finds a container that has been filled and is leaking before it is offered for transportation. These leaking drums can be put into a Salvage Drum and shipped back to the consignee, sent to a product transfer location or sent for disposal. Recently, several shipments of non-compliant packages have also been put into Salvage Drums, despite the fact that the inner drums were not damaged or leaking. DOT is aware that placing an undamaged non-compliant container in a salvage drum and shipping it to a destination where the material can be repackaged or disposed of is probably safer than repackaging the material at the location where the non-compliant container is found.

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