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Wine by the Bottle or Tap?

November 9th, 2010 by Dean Ricker

Filed under: Wine

We have all heard of wine sold by the bottle, but by tap? At Out the Door, a small chain of restaurants in San Francisco, they are now serving 4 wines drawn from pressurized taps behind the bar. Served from reusable stainless steel barrel-kegs, the producers save the cost of the bottle, cork and carton. Another benefit, is that the wine always tastes fresh. Tap systems utilize an inert gas, like nitrogen, to push the wine through the lines. Being inert, the gas does not react with the wine; in fact it protects the wine for weeks against oxidation. The irony of this trend, is that it is an old idea that is new again. Just after prohibition American wineries often supplied restaurants with wine in oak barrels instead of bottles. With sustainability becoming a hot button issue for wineries and restaurants, the stainless steel wine barrel-keg offers a closed loop system with essentially zero waste. Look at the options of the Skolnik Stainless Steel Wine Drums to determine if a tap, rather than bottle, might improve your customer’s bottom line.

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