An End To Whacking?

From the Hazardous Cargo Bulletin, September 2000

A small company with a worldwide presence, Skolnik Industries is close enough to its customers to be able to offer them the innovations they are looking for.

"Good things come in small companies," says Howard Skolnik, president of Skolnik Industries Inc. Though primarily a manufacturer of containers for dangerous goods, Chicago-based Skolnik also supplies and supports the reuse of industrial packaging by offering replacement parts to reconditioners. With a wide range of diameter options, head contours, metal thickness and insertion options, Skolnik has attracted reconditioners from around the world looking to capture specialised market shares by using the equipment and pre-processed raw materials it offers.

Recognising the reduction of market in the environmental industry, Skolnik has pursued "relationship-marketing" with customers in more than 25 countries. With large conventional steel drum manufacturing capacity available throughout the world, Skolnik has been working with satellite reconditioners for more than a decade. The overall effect on the company has been successful, as it has become the only independently owned manufacturer with a global reputation for market penetration. Domestic and export sales continue to rise and new products are regularly being introduced to ensure transit safety.

Most recently, Skolnik introduced the first toggle-style (Leverlock) closure ring suitable for a 1A2T rating of the 85 US gallon (320-litre) salvage drum. Named the 'Whack No More', this ring is fitted onto an open head drum by closing the lever latch rendering the use of tools and 'whacking' unnecessary.

The coming years in industrial packaging appear to be filled with creative solutions to transit safety and economy. Mr Skolnik believes container safety is of foremost importance in achieving economic savings and says his company will continue to offer products well above conventional standards.

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