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For years, Skolnik has raised the standard for the steel container industry. We are often quoted in key industry publications and have included these articles below

2019 Notable LGBTQ Executives | Crain’s Chicago Business—Aug, 2019
Skolnik Industries’ President Dean Ricker was named to 2019 Crain ’s Chicago Business List of Notable LGBTQ Executives. He joins 84 other notable leaders in the business and non-profit arenas in the Chicago area that were named the the list.
Keep the Faith| HCB — Sept, 2018
Recent management changes have not altered Skolnik Industries’ commitment to producing high quality steel drums[…]Read More»
A Drum for All Seasons | HCB — Sept, 2017
OFTEN DESCRIBED AS a ‘boutique manufacturer’, Chicago-headquartered Skolnik Industries produces a wide range of tighthead and open top steel drums.[…]Read More»
For young men struggling to gain foothold, search for career brings hope, heartache | Chicago Tribune — September 2, 2016
The morning of his final internship evaluation, Adonis Clayborn woke up in his girlfriend's car. Unable to afford a motel room, he had reclined the driver's seat, covered himself in sweaters he kept in the trunk and slept the night […]Read More»
Evolution Theory | HCB — May, 2016
Agile and flexible, Skolnik Industires is one steel drum producer whose can-do attitude keeps it ahead of the game in a changing market[…]Read More»
Supplier Diversity | Grainger Pride@work Newsletter — March, 2016
…Skolnik is a catalog supplier and originally started as a supplier to Lab Safety Supply. They are the first LGBT certified product supplier for Grainger, and part of the Supplier Diversity program. Grainger is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)[…]Read More»
Made To Measure | HCB — May, 2015
US steel drum maker Skolnik Industries continues to stand out from the crowd thanks to its focus on quality, unit dexterity and a 'can-do' attitude that sees it taking on the sort of challenges many other manufactures would decline[…]Read More»
Personal Perspective | HCB — January, 2015
In 1985 I bought the company from Jack and Sol, renamed it Skolnik Industries, Inc,and set out to grow the company in termsof product diversifications, customer mix[…]Read More»
Community Cats by Anne E. Beall, PhD. | September, 2014
One of the more interesting colony caretakers I met was Howard Skolnik, owner of a highly specialized steel drum manufacturing company on the southwest side of Chicago. I went over to see Skolnik Industries to learn what role feral cats can play for a manufacturer.[…]Read More»
Flexability and Strength | HCB — April 2014
Skolnik Industries is one steel drum manufacturer that's not afraid to do things differently. US-based Skolnik Industries has expanded drums[…] Read More»
Chicago digital lab's 1st forum shares goals with smaller firms | Chicago Tribune — April 24, 2014
Manufacturers learn how center can help them automate, cut costs. In five to 10 years, Mike Hobbs said he envisions his plant operated by robots[…] Read More »
Take Steps to Reduce Energy Consumption | Automation World
Skolnik Industries, Steelcase and Data Device Corp. are three manufacturers of many who are walking the walk of energy management […] Read More »
Globally Unique | HCB — April 2013
An unwavering attention to product quality and design […] Read More»
Cats at Work Relocation Program | Time Out Chicago — December 2012
Skolnik's business-minded hiring of King and Prince has developed into a more affectionate partnership. “The cats have become very friendly,” he says. “They're quite a pair.” Read More »
Problem Solved | HCB — April 2012
US-based Skolnik Industries may not be the largest steel drum maker in the world, but its customer-orientated approach to problem solving and […] Read More »
Connoisseur Containers | HCB — April 2011
Chicago-headquartered Skolnik Industries continues to flourish thanks to its long-standing focus on quality and innovation and its commitment […] Read More »
Industrial Monks Visit Skolnik | HCB — October 2010
Skolnik Industries is pleased to be associated with some of the most prestigious wines in the world — its stainless steel barrels are widely used[…] Read More »
Drums With Love | HCB — May 2010
In a difficult environment, Chicago-based Skolnik Industries is continuing to prosper thanks to its broad range of specialist drums, technical know-how[…] Read More »
Skolnik Revamps Website | HCB — October 2009
US steel drum manufacturer Skolnik Industries has revamped its corporate website. “It's clean, simple and two calls-to-action help you find the products[…] Read More »
Drums To Order | HCB — May 2009
Despite the economic malaise sweeping the planet and the ongoing contraction of the US steel drum market, Chicago-based Skolnik Industries remains[…] Read More »