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Toxic by Inhalation (TIH) Overpack Drums

Tested for solids, Skolnik TIH (PIH) Overpack Drums are certified according to UN criteria and qualify as secure outer packaging. Each Overpack Drum has been tested at 1A2/X plus 15 psi hydrostatic pressure per CFR 49 for the over-packing of Toxic (Poisonous) by Inhalation packaging.

Our products are thicker, heavier, and stronger than industry standards require, offer extreme durability, and comply with domestic and international regulations.

Skolnik is a manufacturer with some minimum quantity requirements and a $500 order minimum.

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Specifications for TIH Overpack Drums:

  • Capacity: 20 Gallon - 96 Gallon (76 Liter - 363 Liter)
  • Steel Thickness: 1.5mm (16 gauge)
  • Contents: UN Solids, liquids, dual and T-rated
  • UN: solids 1A2/X + 15 PSI
  • Product Code: PH

Resources for TIH Overpack Drums:

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