Superior drums start with superior people. Skolnik has assembled a team that is passionate about excellence. Together, we are focused on meeting customer needs and welcome your unusual and complex challenges.

  • Dean Ricker W. Dean Ricker
  • Howard Skolnik Howard Z. Skolnik
    Chairman of the Board
  • Brian Hand Brian Hand
    Board Member
  • Tom Kreiniker Tom Kreiniker
    Vice President
  • Matt Packheiser Matt Packheiser
    Vice President
    Data and Technology
  • Maria Pantoja Maria Pantoja
    Financial Assistant
  • Jon Stein Jon Stein
    Sales Manager
  • Bill Fitzgerald Bill Fitzgerald
  • Veronica Crouchelli Veronica Crouchelli
  • Josip Petrusic Josip Petrusic
  • Jason Snow Jason Snow
  • Irma Orozco Irma Orozco
    Client Services
  • Virginia Villarreal Virginia Villarreal
    Order Processing
    and Invoicing
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