Perservering in Pandemic
Apr 10, 2021
Careful planning and unwavering commitment to quality kept Skolnik Industries productive and innovative in a challenging year.

2019 Notable LGBTQ Executives
Aug 09, 2019
Skolnik Industries’ President Dean Ricker was named to 2019 Crain ’s Chicago Business List of Notable LGBTQ Executives.

Keep the Faith
Sep 01, 2018
Recent management changes have not altered Skolnik Industries’ commitment to producing high quality steel drums...

A Drum for All Seasons
Sep 10, 2017
Often described as a 'boutique manufacterer'...

For young men struggling to gain foothold, search for career brings hope, heartache
Sep 02, 2016

The morning of his final internship evaluation, Adonis Clayborn woke up in his girlfriend's car. Unable to afford...

Evolution Theory
May 02, 2016
An independent company headquartered in Chicago...

Supplier Diversity
Mar 02, 2016
Skolnik manufactures a wide range of Steel Drums for commercial and government use...

Made to Measure
May 21, 2015
Located "in the heart of Chicago", Skolnik Industries, says president and CEO Howard Z Skolnik, is...

A Personal Perspective
Jan 07, 2015
In 1985 I bought the company from Jack and Sol, renamed it Skolnik Industries, Inc, and set out to grow the company in terms of...

Community Cats by Anne E. Beall, PhD.
Sep 10, 2014
One of the more interesting colony caretakers I met was Howard Skolnik, owner of a highly specialized steel drum manufacturing company on the southwest side of Chicago...

Flexibility and strength
Apr 25, 2014
US-based Skolnik Industries has expanded its Chicago location with the addition of a neighbouring...

Chicago digital lab's 1st forum shares goals with smaller firms
Apr 24, 2014
Manufacturers learn how center can help them automate, cut costs. In five to 10 years, Mike Hobbs said he envisions his plant operated by robots...

Globally Unique
Apr 11, 2013
Seen as an opportunity to steel drums, Chicago-based Skrolnik...

Cats at Work Relocation Program
Dec 20, 2012
Skolnik's business-minded hiring of King and Prince has developed into a more affectionate partnership. “The cats have become very friendly,” he says. “They're quite a pair.”

Problem Solved
Apr 15, 2012
Chicago-based Skolnik Industries has developed an enviable reputation as a 'boutique' manufacturer of...

Connoisseur Containers
Apr 14, 2011
Chicago-headquarteres Skolnik Industries continues to flourish thanks to...

Industrial Monks Visit Skolnik
Oct 21, 2010
Skolnik Industries is pleased to be associated with some of the most prestigious wines in the world...

Drums with Love
May 13, 2010
Manufacturing is a difficult environment, Chicago-based Skolnik Industries is continuint to prosper thanks to its broad range of...

Drums to Order
May 20, 2009
Despite economic malaise sweeping the planer and the ongoing contraction of the US steel drum market, Chicago-based Skolnik Industries remains upbeat, looking...

Skolnik Bucks the Trend
Mar 02, 2007
While other drum manufacturers seek to corner the market through mass production and acquisitions, Skolnik Industries has found that... 

Thinning Down, Pricing Up
Jan 02, 2006
Steel drum producers have been having a worrying time of late...

Eastern Promise
Aug 02, 2005
The main impacts on the industrial packaging industry over the past year have come from... 

Steely Determination
Jan 03, 2005

Manufacturers of steel drums are feeling a strong sense of déjà vu...

Bargain Barrels
Jan 05, 2004
The gap between customer and manufacturer is widening once again, as manufacturers are forced to...

Expand And Deliver
Sep 02, 2003
With 54 million drums produced every year in Europe, it is disheartening to learn a mere 30 per cent of these are...

A Drum is a Drum is a Drum
Mar 02, 2003
Or is it? When a drum is a product that has remained largely unchanged for the past century, what differentiates it from the others available on the market?

Survival Instinct
Jan 02, 2003
Some say the least evolved creatures are most likely to survive harsh conditions than others, thier design being one of...

No Surrender
Dec 02, 2002
Speaking largely through gritted teeth, some of Europe and North America’s industrial packaging survivors...

Defensive Coil
Apr 02, 2002
US President George W Bush caused global uproar by announcing his decision to impose tariffs on...

Against the Current
Apr 01, 2002
As industrial packagings have to tread water in the current flooded markets, the Bulletin looks at...

A Character of Steel
Jan 02, 2002
The steel drum is a design classic. It has both form and function and is an image that permeates everyday society as much as it is part of the...

UN Fair?
Nov 02, 2001
Modern manufacturers of steel drums and their customers will benefit financially if they can...

Get Out of That
Jul 03, 2001
Companies supplying equipment for packagings are finding themselves frappling with precisely the same pressures as their customers in an increasingly integrated marketplace...

An End To Whacking?
Sep 02, 2000
A small company with a worldwide presence, Skolnik Industries is close enough to its customers to be able to offer them the...

Face The Future
Sep 01, 2000
The second day of HMAC's annual conference for 2000 looked both backwards and forwards, reviewing ten years of the POP standard and examining...

Happy Birthday, POPS
Aug 02, 2000
As the US steel drum community approaches the tenth anniversary of POPS...

My Kinda Drum
Jun 02, 1999
The transport of dangerous goods naturally invokes serious risks, not only to humans and the environment but also to...

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