Mr. Howard Z. Skolnik
Skolnik Industries
4900 South Kilbourn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60632

Dear Howard:

I would like to express my appreciation for all your assistance and technical input in my consulting work toward the process of changing over the DOT specifications for steel drums to the new UN performance packaging requirements for Analysas's client, Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

I certainly do appreciate your taking the time to review the numerous specification drafts that I sent you, and advising as to their practicability of meeting the UN requirements I had requested in these specifications. Although Analysas is not a direct client, you and your people havebeen very helpful on numerous technical questions/concepts, dealing with carbon steel drums, as well as stainless steel.

Skolnik Industries responses to my inquiries have been more timely than from the major drum manufacturers, and some failed to respond at all. Thus, your company's assistance was very important to my work in setting up the new Lockheed MArtin "UN" Packaging Specifications, which are now going on the "World Wide Web" for inter company and other DOE facility use.

Yours very truly,

William C. Noell, Jr.
Packaging Engineer

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