Email to Howard Skolnik and Dean Ricker:

I was preparing fourteen of your 10-gallon drums for shipment as 7A packages by air yesterday. You will remember the ones you helped use test for fissile. I decided that I wanted to express to you just how much I like this package for RAM materials. Because of its size, strength and ease of handling, it is ideal for diverse forms of materials. After packaging and shipping Internationally the fissile material that we originally tested it for, I find myself selecting it first for other materials and almost everything we ship by air. I know we were a nuisance to Dean, Andrew and Illya for a while, but having this package as a result has been well worth it to me. I thought you might like to know what I was thinking yesterday as I marked and labeled these fourteen.

It is so true, that the success of solving a problem depends on the willingness of the parties involved to try things that seem illogical at the time. You at Skolnik have always been willing to entertain the thought, other potential customers should know that.

It has always been a pleasure doing business with Skolnik,

Glenna Gerster
Packaging Engineer
Fluor Fernald

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