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25 April, 2013


To: Distribution

From: Gary Ream

Subject: Skolnik Industries Triennial Assessment Executive Summary


A team from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory performed an on-site assessment of Skolnik Industries in Chicago, IL on April 16 and April 17, 2013. The reason for the assessment is the supplier's triennial assessment was due on April 14, 2013. The LLNL team consisted of Dolores Loll, Waste Certification Officer from Radioactive Hazardous Waste Management; Mike Hayes, Quality Assurance Officer from Packaging and Transportation Safety and Gary Ream, Procurement Quality Engineer, Supply Chain Management. The purpose of the audit was to verify that Skolnik Industries has implemented an effective commercial grade Quality Assurance program. The Scope of the Audit was the Basic (100) Elements of ASME NQA-1 2000. The conclusion of the assessment team is that Skolnik Industries has implemented an effective, robust commercial grade Quality Assurance program sufficient for LLNL to rely on when performing Commercial Grade Item Dedication (CGID) on products procured from Skolnik Industries.


LLNL has performed CGID on carbon steel drums dating back to the early 1990's. LLNL recognizes that no manufacturers of nuclear grade carbon steel drums exist within the United States. All carbon steel drums are manufactured to commercial standards and tested in accordance with United Nations and USDOT requirements. These requirements include 7A/Type A drums as well as drums for TRU. The elements of the drum manufacturer's processes that LLNL relies upon to successfully dedicate these drums to the safety service is the testing that the manufacturer performs on daily production runs. During the course of the assessment the LLNL team verified that all materials used in the production of the drums had sufficient traceability. In all cases materials purchased by Skolnik Industries were traceable to the seller of the material and the manufacturer of the material and included Certified Material Test Reports and other validating documentation. The team verified the test procedures and witnessed testing during the site assessment. The team witnessed a successful qualification test for a 7A/Type A DOT container. This included the fissile container free drop test. There were no findings requiring a formal response by Skolnik Industries discovered during the assessment.


Name: Gary Ream
Date: 22 April, 2013
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Based on the results of the on-site assessment of Skolnik Industries and their Quality Performance during the past three years the LLNL assessment team recommends that Skolnik Industries remain on the Evaluated Supplier Listing and continue as the preferred supplier of 7A/Type A and carbon steel drums.

Distribution Skolnik Industries

Matthew Dick, Quality Assurance Manager
Howard Skolnik, President

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