Zhou Zude
Nanjing Ningrong Drum Closure Factory
169 Jingubeijie St. Gulizhen
Nanjing, China

Dean Ricker, Zhang Chengzhi, Howard Skolnik, Zhou Zude, Matthew Dick

Dear Mr.Skolnik:

I have to admit that in our recent trip to the United State you are the No 1 who had striken an incisive imprint in my impression.

Really your office does not look like the manager's room for a drum plant, such as the office of Mayer's, but really an office of an artist. As a result it is not surprising that your products are unique as compared with that of your colleagues in the line. In traditional industries in the U.S. you are standing out from others.

Your ingenuity and creative efforts are representative of the American spirit of competitiveness that has led the world going forward for a long period of time in an all round way.

Now America is still the world leader, but not in everything. You are no longer affordable in the manufacturing of the labor-intensive products and such production has shifted to the under-developed countries like China.

I once read an article on Washington Post by AFL-CIO, saying that due to China export to the U.S. many lost jobs, exacting to the very numbers. I can not agree with such viewpoint and attribute it to the nature of AFL-CIO, as it is a labor union and has to say something to please those whom it supposes to represent.

As you know most of the China export to the U.S. are clothes, small articles for daily use and so on. Such products are impossible to be made in the U.S. Even if China stops export to the U.S., they will be replaced by similar products made by other countries such as Mexico and Vietnam, etc.

On the contrary U.S. products in China are everywhere, from the expensive Boeings in the air, locomotives along the railway to the CPUs which is now working inside my computer cabinet. All is of high-tech and high-priced and we enjoy using these products, complaining nothing.

Today I opened your website and read it. I found out you have versions of many languages, including Japanese, but no Chinese. If you think it is needed please tell me and I'll be helpful in making a Chinese version of your website and completely for free - working as a volunteer and absolutely receive no payment, in addition to the fact that my skill in Chinese language is of quality like your drums.

Best wishes,
Zhou Zude
62#602 Yucai Gongyu
Qingjianglu Road.
Nanjing China 210036

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