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Seamless Stainless Steel Drums

Skolnik Seamless Stainless Steel Drums offer an innovative solution for situations requiring purity and compatibility of materials. While conventional drums contain a crevice that can capture bacteria, these drums feature a smooth, continuous, crevice-free interior. Use them to contain acids, medical and pharmaceutical products, on your food processing line, or when it is important to prevent the release of fumes through seams. Our Crevice-Free Stainless Steel Drums outperform carbon steel drums in corrosion resistance, tensile strength and reusability. Skolnik Seamless Stainless Steel Drums are available in stainless types 304, 316 and 409 (UN certified), and seamless stainless steel process drums, and seamless stainless steel nitric drums. No one else makes seamless drums to our exacting standards.
Our products are thicker, heavier, and stronger than industry standards require, offer extreme durability, and comply with domestic and international regulations.

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Specifications for Seamless Stainless Steel Drums:

  • Capacity: 5 Gallon - 55 Gallon (19 Liter - 228 Liter)
  • Steel Thickness: 1.5mm (16 Gauge)
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Seamless Sanitary Construction
  • Seamless Bottom with Crevice Free Interior
  • Open Head Closure: Bolt or Leverlock Ring
  • Open Head Gasket: EPDM (D or FDA)
  • Tight Head Fittings:  2" x 3/4" Machined or Drop Forged 304 Stainless Steel "Weld in" Flanges
  • Tight Head Gasket:  Teflon® or Viton encapsulated in Teflon®
  • Product Code: IP, IU

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