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Steel Drums Thickness Can Preclude Re-use

May 10th, 2005 by Howard Skolnik

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Most people will agree that the maximum re-use of packaging reduces the long term mis-use of our natural resources. To this end, the steel drum has served as a long time example of a multi-life package that, with proper reconditioning, can faithfully serve as many as 6 recycling procedures while maintaining a UN certification. However, the longevity of a steel drum rests in the "birth criteria" from which the original drum is constructed. Since Performance Oriented Packaging Standards (POPS) now govern packaging design, many steel drum manufacturers are demonstrating that their drums can meet the test criteria while being constructed of metal walls as thin as 0.6 mm (24 gauge). Though not apparent visually, a 55 gallon drum of 24 gauge steel looks the same as a drum of 16 gauge but the real difference is in the weight and the metal wall protection. Valued as an "international currency," steel drums constructed for re-use (per CFR 173.28) must have minimum wall thicknesses of 0.92 mm or 20 gauge. When constructed from steel equal to or greater than this lower limit, the ability to sell or dispose of these empty containers is great. Below this minimum gauge, the drums are not allowed to be reconditioned and therefore, get sent for scrap — a more costly option then reconditioning. It‘s a waste of raw material, results in a high back-end cost, and depletes our natural resources. Buy for re-use, not refuse.

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2 Responses

  1. Khaled says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    First, we all at SURF WORLDWIDE would like to extend our sincere hope to all of you and your families remain safe and comfortable in this trying time of CRONAVIRUS COVID-19 epidemics and we’d also like to let you know that despite this unprecedented situation, SURF WORLDWIDE is open and working to make sure that all business needs are met and delivered in timely manner.

    Second, SURF WORLDWIDE needs to Purchase 700 Pcs of UN Certified 210 Litre Steel Drums with following specifications,
    1- Cold Rolled Steel (EN 10130 / EN 10131)
    2- Partial Openings, non-removable head, and bung closures (two bungs of 2”and ¾ “)
    3- Compliant with ADR, RID, AND, IMDG & ICAO/ITATA standards for the shipment of dangerous goods according to all mode of transport,
    4- Confirm to Norm EN210
    5- Certified UN code 1A1/Y Packing Group II, III
    6- Steel Thickness: 1.3 mm
    7- Height: 885 mm
    8- Diameter: 585 mm
    9- External Painting:
    10- Exterior of the drum is finished with oven-drying enamel
     Dry film thickness for body: 18 microns min.
     Dry film thickness for ends: 25 microns min.
     Gloss for paint: 60 Gloss min. (with 60º Glossmeter)
    11- Inner Painting: Resistant to all Solvents
     Interior of the drum is lined with food grade epoxy phenolic lacquer.
    12- Packaging: Wooden Palette of 1 365 x 1 165 mm: Every 4 Drums.
    13- Open-bung Key: Every 100 Drums
    14- Marking:
     Production date and manufacturer name are coded on the lower side of the body with ink-jet system.
     Other coding will be provided to be made with silk-screening system on the body or top end of the drum as
    15- Quality Tests:
     All in process and final product tests are undertaken according to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and test results are provided to us by Quality Reports.
     All the drums are 100% leak tested.
    16- Warranty: Manufacturer’s Full Warranty for the Metal Empty Drums for Period of 12 months against Manufacturer Defects for item repair or replacement.

    Looking forward to receiving your Best Price FOB.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Khaled Awadallah
    Operation Director

  2. Dear Khaled,
    Thank you for your sincere good wishes, I also wish that you and your family are safe and healthy. These are difficult times.

    This is a very interesting inquiry and we are able to manufacture these drums to your specifications. I will have one of our Sales Tech’s contact you on Monday to discuss the details of your requirements.

    Be safe, and thank you!
    Howard Skolnik

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