When businesses and government agencies place their critical or valuable contents in a Skolnik drum, they achieve more than superior containment—they gain unprecedented peace of mind.

Our specialized drums are thicker, heavier and stronger than commodity drums because our customers will settle for nothing less. They demand a higher level of quality because of the extreme risk and cost involved if leakage or non-compliance occurs.

Thus, our drums are built to surpass industry standards and better withstand aggressive truck driving, swaying ships, forces of nature and even inadvertent nail and forklift punctures.

With your contents safely ensconced inside, you will minimize risk from the cost of loss, damage or cleanup; help protect your company and your personal reputation; and gain an optimal storage, transportation and/or disposal solution.

Whether your cargo is hazardous, irreplaceable or requires inordinate effort to remediate if spilled, place it in a Skolnik Drum and you can be sure it will stay there.

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