Skolnik Specialty Drums are made thicker, heavier and stronger for businesses and government agencies that require the pinnacle of industrial packaging. These organizations recognize the value of a superior drum to contain their critical or valuable contents and know that a thinner commodity drum could invite an unacceptable level of leakage or regulatory non-compliance risk.

Unlike other drum manufacturers who have reduced metal thickness to lower costs, we will not compromise on quality. By maintaining adequate metal thickness, our drums can meet UN performance testing certification and better endure the two most common sources of failure—nail and forklift punctures.

More expensive initially, Skolnik Drums are a cost-effective solution that can save your organization substantially in the long run, protecting your products, reputation and the environment. 

Skolnik Drums are expressly designed for demanding commercial purposes and exceed everyday budgets and needs.

You cannot risk placing your volatile, expensive, irreplaceable, hazardous or precious contents in any other vessel. Experience the singular protection of a Skolnik Premier Container.

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