Commodity steel drum manufacturers operate under a one-size-fits-all philosophy. If they do not carry the size or configuration you need, you will have to search elsewhere or find an outside vendor to create design specifications. Skolnik offers a wide inventory of standard steel drum sizes. Plus, our expert in-house engineering team welcomes the opportunity to address your customized requirements.

Skolnik thrives on special requests. Ask us how we can help you:

  • Add or subtract inches from drum height
  • Provide a special interior coating
  • Adjust placement of a plug, bung or flange
  • Create a drum-within-a-drum
  • Meet virtually any other special requirements
  • Test to non-standard requirements

Forward your drawings to us, and we will fine-tune them and work with your engineers to meet your precise industrial packaging requirements. Deeply versed in all aspects of drum manufacturing, our engineers brainstorm daily and collaborate as an internal think tank to make practically any vision become a reality.

Skolnik Seamless Drums are an example of our penchant for innovation.
No one else makes crevice-free drums to our exacting standards. With their smooth interior, they are ideal for situations requiring purity and compatibility of materials, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage applications.

Stainless Steel Wine Barrels are another innovative Skolnik product. They are used by wineries and vineyards around the world for all stages of development, fermentation and maturation.

If you have a customized wine barrel, mil-spec packaging, UN packaging, HazMat shipping, overpack drum or steel drum need that can improve your business, contact us today.

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