Can you handle unique orders?
Absolutely, just contact us and let's discuss your specific requirements (dimensions, gallon size, design). As a full-service manufacturer of steel containers and accessories, we go to all lengths to help our customers address a wide range of shipping, storage, containment, and environmental protection needs. And remember: Every Skolnik steel container meets or exceeds the highest standards of excellence and durability.

How soon can I get the product if I order?
It depends on what you order and when. Most stock items ship in 2-3 business days, while non-stock items generally take 5-7 business days. However, due to a variety of issues, some items can take longer. We make every effort to inform customers when an order will take longer than normal.

How can I tell the status of my order?
By contacting either your sales contact or customer service, order status can be updated. We take our ship dates very seriously, but transportation emergencies, system shutdowns and other unexpected acts can sometimes cause rescheduling.

How can you tell if my order shipped?
We can confirm whether an order has shipped over the phone, via fax or email within a few minutes.

Can you trace a shipment?
Yes, we can. Just contact us and we will trace your shipment to see the transit status.

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